Hey everyone! Kim here. Your friendly neighbourhood Geocaching/Pokémon/Baking/Pop Culture/Harry Potter Geek. And nothing gets this SuperGeek more excited than the holidays. So you can imagine my excitement when I put together the most epic holiday project that combines my geeky interests with my love of DIY. (♥♥♥) Anyway, enough gushing. Let’s get making!

GEEK DIY ADVENT CALENDAR 25 days of DIY projects for Geeks

DAY 1 | Option A. Teck Geek Advent Calendar or Option B. Magnet board with Geeky icons,

DAY 2 | How about decorating the door with a Lego Wreath?

DAY 3 | Decorate the windows and your room with Stormtrooper Snowflakes

DAY 4 | Make an awesome Comic Book wristband.

DAY 5 | Time and Relative Dimensions in Gingerbread. Dr Who’s Gingerbread House.

DAY 6 | Magic + Frozen = Make this silly putty for you or as a gift.

DAY 7 | Decorate your tree with Geeky Book Ornaments made of Hodge Podge.

DAY 8 | Catch a few Pokémon with these No sew Pokeball pillows.

DAY 9 | DIY Harry Potter Wizard Wand:

DAY 10 | Make Comic Book bookmarks

DAY 11 | Make your own Felt Star Wars, Dr Who, or PacMan stockings.

DAY 12 | Awesome Lego Ornaments to make.

DAY 13 | Make the parents a cool Dino iPhone tripod.

DAY 14 | Two words.  Wookie Cookies!

DAY 15 | Make a Comic Book Wallet

DAY 16 | Use your office supplies to build an X Wing Fighter.

DAY 17 | Create a gift of Pokemon Lego Pixel art

DAY 18 | Folded Paperback book Christmas trees.

DAY 19 | Art Geek? Make a Sharpie Mug! Available in Harry Potter too!

DAY 20 | Felt Chewbacca Bookmarks. Say no more.

DAY 21 | Can’t figure out what to get your parents? How about Free Tech Support!

DAY 22 | Make your own board game: Pick a theme “like Karate, DInosaurs, Space, SuperHeroes, or Fairies and then think of things that should happen as you move through the game. Add some inner circles where you might get sent to, some squares to get out and whammo! you’re in business. Check out the Day at School game that 8yr old Noah made.

Day at School Game

DAY 23 | Prepping for New Year’s? Make a Jabba approved beverage for your Star Wars Eve.

DAY 24 | We love the Star Wars craft book, especially the Hannukah Droidel.

DAY 25 | Bake Hogwarts hidden message cookies. Engorgio!

Happy Making.

SuperGeek Kim

SuperGeek Kim


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