Calling all Geeks! Calling all Geeks!

This is SuperGeek HQ checking in. We finally got our butts in gear and whipped together a Blog. We don’t really have a name for it just yet (maybe you can help?) so for now…we’re calling it GLOG.  Isn’t it so fresh + shiney and…and…empty 🙁

Fear not, GeekNation. it won’t stay that way for long, especially with all the geeky goodness we have in store for you. Like what you ask? Well, like Contests! Challenges! Prizes! (oh my!)

We are scouring the universe for kids + families that are curious, intelligent, handy and brave. Through immersive missions, cutting edge tech, DIY and Maker related activities, trivia and game challenges we are building a platform that showcases the amazing things that Geeks can do and make. So if you are secretly building a robot to clean your room. Or casting spells from Harry Potter as you hum the Dr. Who theme song? Or If you can bake a Raspberry Pie while programming one,  then we want to hear from you. 

It’s time to join our movement and Let your Geek Flag fly!!


Now, seeing as it is December 1st and we are feeling festive, we decided to share with you a special holiday idea from our resident Geocaching/Baker Geek, Kim Wilson. She’s going to walk you through the most epic DIY project.

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The SuperGeek Team
Karen, Amos + Kim

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