It’s almost time for Fan Expo in Toronto. We are excited to be there this year. Come say hi to us at Booth 654 and make sure you play our Fan Expo Challenge for a chance to win prizes and be crowned “Fan Expo Supergeek

And if you are coming, we suggest eating a hearty breakfast in the Fan Expo theme.

Our top pick:

Hash brown and bacon Chewbacca and Tie-Fighter Eggs

(you can never go wrong with Star Wars, and then the Force will be with you for the whole day)


Thinking about heading to Fan Expo after lunch? Then we suggest trying any of the following “Animé” foods to get you in the mood:

Spoon University’s Recipes from anime shows you can actually make


And when you get home and have had an awesome day but are super tired?
Vulcan Tea of course. (Captain Janeway loved it, and you will too!)



How to prepare for the hugeness of the Expo?

Like in Star Trek, you need to chart a course to maximize the planets (booths, activities, speakers and signings) that you want to see in advance. The Fan Expo site has a listing of the where and when everything is happening. Select a Captain and chart a course. Fan Expo may not be as big as the Galaxy, but it feels that way when you are there! It’s huge.
(And hey, bring a water bottle, make sure you have a camera/smartphone, snacks and cash as lots of booths only take cash–from this planet only).

We also advise dressing up. See if you can get your whole family into the mix for some Cosplay (Costume Play). It’s amazing how many people dress up for Fan Expo and it totally adds to the fun.

Here are some images to inspire you and your family, but look up your favourite character online for tips too:

Fan Expo family cosplay



One of the new costumes this year is Wonder Woman, so here are some tips for making an easy wonder woman costume:

– Grab a red shirt and some yellow electrical or duct tape and cut strips out to make a W on the shirt

– Wonder Woman Bracelets can be made easily too. Take two toilet paper tubes and cut them lengthwise on one side, so they can easily slip onto a small wrist. Trim to the desired length, and paint them silver with a red star on each one.

Easy Wonder Woman cosplay costume cuffs

– And of course, you can’t forget this: Wonder Woman’s most important accessory is her golden lasso of truth! Use thick yarn or nylon cord from the hardware store, and tie a large loop into one end to form the lasso. Cut your lasso to an appropriate length for your child, then use some metallic gold spray paint to complete the look. As an optional final step, brush on some glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint to make your child’s lasso glow just like Wonder Woman’s.

Wonder Woman cosplay for kids

Wonder Woman cosplay for kids

– Top it all off with some red or white shoes, blue shorts, and not only do you have a great Fan Expo costume, but one that you can use for Hallowe’en too!


Get everyone in the family to dress like their favourite Superhero from the Justice League and suddenly Wonder Woman’s team is complete!

Superhero cosplay for the whole family



Enjoy your planning and we will see you at Fan Expo!

The SuperGeek Team
Karen, Amos + Kim + Ben

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