It’s that time of year again.. Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas…. Whatever you celebrate, giving presents and being with geeks you ♥♥♥ is in the air. So whether you are gift giving or just invited over for the most awesome Atari retro game night of your life, here are some great DIY gift ideas… what we love to call the 25 Days of DIY SuperGeekdom.

DAY 1 | Tired of blowing the bank on Pokémon cards to play with? Desperate to find the coolest low cost gift for your Pokémon loving sibling? Look no further than the Make at Home Pokémon Board Game.

Pokemon Board Game

DAY 2 | Feeling the dark side? Light things up with Star Wars Tin Craft Lanterns.


DIY lights

DAY 3 | 
Get your fantasy fix with The Legends of Zelda Triforce Plush.

Zelda Plushy

DAY 4 | For the creeper in your life make these Supergeek DIY Day 4 Minecraft Book Ends.

DAY 5 | What’s cooler than a Geek Map of Narnia, Oz, or Hogsmeade? Geek maps  on Wood! 

Wood Maps

DAY 6 | Show some computer love with today’s Binary Code necklace.

DAY 7 | This is one way to explode the death star. Death Star Bath Bombs.

DAY 8 | We know Star-Lord would love to Make your own Dancing Baby Groot.


DAY 9 | Geek up your Hanukkah with our Lego Menorah!

Lego Menorah

DAY 10 | Geek up your gaming or movie night with Geek Plates.

Geek Plates

DAY 11 | Invited to a party? Can’t lose with Exploding Tardis Cookies.

Exploding Cookies

DAY 12 | Light up the droid lover in your life with R2D2 Lights

Droid Lights

DAY 13 | Awesome Supergeek Star Trek Combadge Badge or Earrings!

Star Trek Earrings

DAY 14 | May the Force be with you with this DIY Star Wars Cape.

Star Wars Cape

DAY 15 | Science Geeks will be attracted to Make Magnetic Slime!

Magnetic Slime

DAY 16 | Nothing beats old school like a Supergeek Pacman Ghost Lamp.

Pacman Lights


DAY 17 | Shrinky Dinks go to Westeros for the Game of Thrones Sigil Badges.


DAY 18 |  If your friends love Words with Friends, they will love our Scrabble Tile Ornament

DAY 19 |  Spend money old school gaming style with the No No Sew Game Controller Wallet.

 DAY 20 | Why take someone flowers in a glass container this holiday when you can take them a DIY Lightsabre Vase!

DAY 21 | Every book lover needs our DIY Paper Covered Ornaments. Make sure to copy pages from their fave books to make them!

 DAY 22 |  What kid wouldn’t want to take a bath or shower with Star Wars Soap.

DAY 23|  Having trouble find awesome geek gifts for preschoolers? Check out our DIY Fun to play with Star Trek Felt Book for little ones.

DAY 24 | Struggling for an original idea for an art geek? Check out out Draw Bot.


DAY 25 |  Wrapping Paper? Check. Cardboard? Check. You have everything you need for this last minute but awesome Supergeek Day 25 DIY Superhero Initial Sign.

Happy Making.



SuperGeek Kim

SuperGeek Kim


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