Happy June, SuperGeeks! With summer just around the corner it means it’s almost Father’s Day! From Darth Vader all the way to Jor-El, let’s celebrate the awesome dads in our lives! What to get for your awesome dad on his special day? The Next SuperGeek’s got you covered with these great and geeky DIY gift ideas!

Lego Cufflinks

Every brick builder dad will love these cool Lego Cufflinks!

Comic Book Coasters

Does your dad love comic books? Pick his faves to make these coasters featuring comic book panels!

Spock iPhone Case

Make your dad look like everyone’s favorite Vulcan with this Spock ear iPhone case!

Logo Notebook

Take the logos from any of your dad’s favourite character or  favourite tech company to make him look sstylin’ in any meeting. Just follow these instructions for a gold-plated logo notebook cover and remember it works with any shape, not just Batman!

DIY Geek Cards

Trying to make your own card to go with your gift? Try out these cool ideas!

Periodic Table Card

Yoda Card

Or try this pop-up Yoda card!


And don’t forget to start your Father’s Day day off on the right foot with this Star Trek themed coffee recipe!

Happy Father’s Day SuperGeeks!

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