Sports geeks rejoice! This summer marks yet another FIFA World Cup. Call it soccer, call it football, call it the world’s most popular sport, but there is one thing we can all agree on: it would be super cool to have superheroes on your team.


Team: Argentina

Taking the Flash’s super-speed and adding super-strength, Superman would be nearly unstoppable on a soccer field. Just like the Flash he can outrun every other player, but Superman is also so strong that the opposing goalie would never be able to stop the ball after he kicks.

So far, Argentina’s World Cup performance has been nothing short of disappointing. On the verge of elimination, the team could use all the help they can get.


Team: Saudi Arabia

Spider-Man Spider-Man does whatever a spider can… including having sticky hands and feet! Putting Spider-Man in front of the net and no ball would get past him. His sticky hands and feet would hold on to every ball coming his way, and his spidey sense would make it very easy for him to know exactly where the ball will be once it’s kicked.

In their first match, Saudi Arabia allowed five goals, the most of any team so far in a single game of the 2018 World Cup. Having Spidey as goalkeeper would prevent this from happening again.


Team: Russia

Since his introduction in the pages of Marvel comics, Nightcrawler has been one of the most important X-Men thanks to his amazing teleportation abilities. No one would be able to get anywhere near Nightcrawler on a soccer field since he can just teleport away and to another part of the field. Nightcrawler could even try teleporting the ball right into the net, but that might leave him with a yellow card.

After their first two games, Russia held the record for the most distance ran by any team, making Nightcrawler the perfect fit for their team since he can cover any distance in the blink of an eye.

Wonder Woman

Team: Germany

The Princess of Themyscira, Wonder Woman would be an excellent addition to any soccer team. Not only does she have super-speed and super-strength that can match Superman, she also spent her life training among the Amazon warrior women and as such is extremely agile and has amazing endurance allowing her to last at the top of her abilities for the full 90 minute match.

Similar to Argentina, Germany’s performance has not lived up to expectations. They lost to Mexico in their first match, after winning the tournament four years ago. Wonder Woman’s powers could help elevate the team to their former glory.


Team: Portugal

This is more about Robin’s personality and status as the most loyal and famous sidekick than it is about his abilities. Of course, his past as an acrobat and his overall skills would be an asset on any team, but Robin is mostly known for how he always helps Batman, in any situation.

Portugal has scored four goals in their first two games, or rather Cristiano Ronaldo has scored four goals in his first two games. As the only goal-scorer on his team, Ronaldo could use a sidekick.

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