Take the Pokemon Super Geek Challenge !

CALLING ALL GEEKS! (7-13 yrs old)

Are you secretly building a robot to clean your room?  Do you game every night?  Were you obsessed with Pokemon Go?  Do you cast spells from Harry Potter or design your room to look like a Tardis?  Do you take things out of the recycle box to make stuff?  Do you dress like Wonder Woman even when it’s not Halloween?  Did you bake a Raspberry Pie or program one? If you said YES to any of these, drop everything because we want to hear from YOU! You might be a BAKER Geek, a MAKER Geek, a FILM Geek, a COMIC BOOK geek, a BOOK GEEK, A GAMER GEEK or a Sci-Fi  SCI-FI Geek…Whatever your passion, we are looking for the gifted, the curious, and the exceptional French-speaking SuperGeeks! Selected SuperGeeks will have the chance to show us what kind of Geek they really are and be put to the test with fun brain bending challenges! We are shooting a teaser for a Brand New DIGITAL series in development for TFO.    Submit the Application below and find out ARE YOU GEEK ENOUGH?? 



** Submission Guidelines

By clicking the box above I, represent and warrant that I am the parent and/or legal guardian of the Applicant and agree and consent to Applicant’s submission and Producer’s use of the Application Materials as outlined herein. I agree that the applicant (the “Applicant”) is applying to be considered to participate in the audio-visual program currently entitled “The Next Supergeek” (“Program”) to be produced by Quarterlife Crisis Productions Inc. (“Producer”) and as such I am voluntarily submitting certain application materials including the application, photographs and video created by me and/or of me to Producer in connection with such application (collectively the “Application Materials”). I confirm that all information contained within this application is correct and accurate and that this application in no way obligates Producer to select me to participate in the Program. By clicking the box below, I grant Producer the non-exclusive license to use and otherwise reproduce the Application Materials in connection with development and production of the Program in all manner and media throughout the universe in perpetuity. I unconditionally release Producer, from any and all liability, loss or damages arising out of the use by Producer of the Application Materials. If you have any questions regarding this application please contact us at thenextsupergeek@gmail.com By submitting, and in consideration of Quarterlife Crisis Production’s (“QLP”) review of your submission, you agree that your submission and all accompanying materials become the property of QLP and may be used in any manner and in all media, worldwide, at QLP’s sole and absolute discretion.

We are looking for a few good geeks!

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