Superheroes you want on your FIFA World Cup team!

Sports geeks rejoice! This summer marks yet another FIFA World Cup. Call it soccer, call it football, call it the world’s most popular sport, but there is one thing we can all agree on: it would be super cool to have superheroes on your team. Superman Team: Argentina Taking the Flash’s super-speed...


Super Geek Broadcast Television


An immersive live action show for kids and families showcasing amazing geeks being tested in brain-bending mental and physical challenges taking place in cultural institutions and at live events across North America. Think the “Amazing Race” meets Japanese Game Show, but with Geeks.

Super Geek Online Community


The digital universe is really where it all begins – a platform where kids can empower and immerse themselves in all things Geek: solve puzzles, play games with cool tech toys, watch and create digital content, and show off what they can make. Best of all they can engage with some of the brightest minds in the universe.

Super Geek Live Events


We are currently piloting live immersive experiences integrating programming from cultural institutions across Ontario, Canada and North America.


Canada Media Fund
Transmedia Zone
Bitmaker Labs
Royal Ontario Museum
Maker Festival
Omtario Science Museum


TNSG is produced by sibling misfits, Amos and Karen Shaw. With over 15 years of producing award-winning content for the likes of Film, TV and Interwebs, the duo specializes in out-of-this-world content. They are joined by award winning executive and former head of CBC kids, Kim Wilson.

Karen Shaw
Amos Shaw
Kim Wilson

SuperGeek HQ

This is our SECRET headquarters!
SuperGeek HQ


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